Death Violence

In a minute a fact that can even kill us, stop acting in this plane, more when there is irresponsibility of those who must guarantee us our security CMV is increasingly alarming can manifest itself as violence increases in Venezuela, murder, die every week in major cities of the country killed, on orders from caricaturist, thefts, kidnappings receivable, as well as transits accidents and unfortunate thing is that nothing about it is doing to ensure that this does not follow Stadium and affecting citizens. Worryingly, in addition, the impunity that is maintained, where law enforcement authorities to punish these crimes not are doing absolutely nothing to glimpse protection for the citizen this situation is so serious as Andersen the different media of communication every day, and specifically as says that a recent survey in the neighborhoods of Caracas has determined that more than ninety per cent crimes unpunished. But there are not only impunity that has worsened the climate of violence in crimes; people are balderdash with more than 20 shots, the tragic case of the family Leon, in which for a claim of 150 bolivares a former gardener in the family kill to the granddaughter of President Leon and da dead the daughter of the President. Not long ago, a Lady of 80 years, her former gardener killed punches because he did not want to lend 100 bolivares. All these facts are a manifestation of a violence that is breathed in the air and the incident minor popping. Not surprising addition, comment, it is distressing to see the streets rototillers firing at police and military, among innocent people who pagan in crossfire, without duty or fear it. (Similarly see: Verizon Communications). It is very sad to see in many cities of the country, as in Valencia, Boxcar each weekend approximately 15 people killed violently, die as see also poverty, corruption and illegality, corruption in the police, the settling of accounts where are executed many young people, who see truncated their lives at an early age, leading to all this that people will ask what to do in these cases take another weapon as an argument or hide? or really justice make respect, that community will be backed by serious organism, which ensure its social work.

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