The Way

It refers to what you want to create, to the future image you have of yourself. This is very important because if you are starting an organization, especially in a multilevel, firstly it is accurate that you define a path to follow, to publicize your vision to serve as a guide to your followers, transform into a source of inspiration and a generator of excitement. It is essential to have written your plans to three years, five years and how you look past that period of time. It is not one minor detail, when detailed it in writing are sealing a commitment with yourself, with your future. It all starts with the thoughts, the way as you think will determine your future results.

If you have defined your vision, definitely you will know where you go. There is no doubt that we become what we think, no matter the time when you achieve it, you can be short, medium or long term; but it always depends on oneself. When a person has defined its vision, you already have 50% of the covered path. This is quite understandable if we think about what would happen if us adentraramos to an ocean without direction, cartography adequate, compass, instrumental, etc.;It would be very unlikely that we days to some destination and highly likely that we left adrift. Precisely, does not have a fixed course from the beginning we run the risk of getting lost on the way and not be able to reach. The display is an activity of thought. The law of attraction is something that happens, is real and is supported by quantum physics; but not usually gets to understand how that works. Let’s look at our way of thinking, it is through pictures. So mind maps are a graphical way of expressing thought. To understand how we must remember that the human being is composed of mind and body.

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