His conduct can be total concentration or total relaxation. Learn more shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The pathological end of this State is represented by autism. (2) Feeling: The person is distracted from its previous resting State, to physically feel something that, at this stage, yet fails to define or differentiate between, for example: feel movements and perceived noise in your stomach cavity, but still does not know if it is an upset stomach caused by food ingested that morning or if what happens is that simply already hungry again. (3) Awareness (to realize): continuing with the previous example, here the individual sees his watch and realizes is the lunch hour, so it becomes aware or understands that your stomach is calling u attention that eat. At this stage the individual raises or understand what is due to the feeling that has and currently can already call it hunger or sadness, anger, etc. (4) Energization or mobilization of the energy: the person mobilizes energy, i.e., gathers strength or concentration required to carry out what needs demand. (5) Action: Praxis is the most important thing at this stage, i.e.

the individual mobilizes his body and does what’s necessary to meet your need. (6) Contact: The culmination of the process is achieved at this stage, the person finds satisfaction and enjoys having reached what was proposed. This stage culminates when the individual experiences that already satisfied, that feels good, you can start another cycle and say goodbye to of is. Well, this cycle can now view is interrupted by the defense mechanisms of the person, performing what is known as locks, which prevent the passage and the conclusion of the cycle, leaving open the Gestalt. This fact generates in the individual different reactions, which may cause to become unstable it and that it serves to explain psychopathology, however, as this area of study is not related the objective of this work, we do not discuss.

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