Bill Manley Magic

Research conducted by Bill Manley, Professor and researcher in archaeology from the University of Gladgow. The wizards were very common; they were clever men, magicians, and white witches, (as they call them in each village); If they were looking for them they helped heal almost all ailments of the body and the mind. The ancient Egyptians made widespread use of magic in numerous contexts; Since uses formal, as in the rituals of the temples, even in everyday life, such as in the treatment of diseases, the protection of children and births. How it worked the magic?. An idea of how it worked gives her contemplation of a typical charm against Scorpions: words were used to ward off the evil effect of pitting, along with ritual actions which consisted of drawing up seven knots.

Magic medical; testimonies of magic, found especially in the treatment of diseases and afflictions, as well as potential trauma treatment, as deliveries or attacks by dangerous creatures. In this context, the distinction between what is called medicine and magic; they are two poles connected with the protection of the body, which resort to a series of specialized knowledge and that employed specialized practitioners. For example, the famous Papyrus doctor Ebers, abound in magical spells along with what we consider direct medical treatments. Some treatments are clearly medical in nature, because it’s obviously physical cause, such as falls or blows, and the remedy is also a physicist. Other treatments are more magical in nature. This is because there is an invisible or unknown cause. For example, the ancient Egyptians had no direct means of establishing the actions of agents microscopic such as bacteria or viruses. It was believed that human activity was located within a wider world of forces dominated by the gods and other hidden actors, so many things were outside the direct control of humanity.

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