Auto Insurer WINS Client Award

The international news service kontakter (w & v) selects campaign by Alliance 24 online campaign of the month Munich – my clear favorite. “, as Martina Bruder, CEO of friend-Scout24, and refers to the charming and at the same time sophisticated solution” was the direct insurer campaign by Alliance 24, which are worth the juror of the Kontaker the first place among the online campaigns for December.”The Hamburg-based creative agency Studio h0 ( was the development of an online campaign, which combining unbeatable Low Price for a strong branded of the Alliance” is in the foreground and this Alliance 24 in the relevant set price-sensitive direct insurance customers especially in the area of car insurance positions. (Similarly see: Larry Ellison). The customer promise Alliance quality surprisingly cheap”hits users unexpectedly, think about the brand but often a more expensive range. While competitors the positioning often exclusively on value for money”, is trust” in to position the resulting opportunity for Alliance 24, itself as a premium supplier under the budget direct car insurance, less in focus has been consistently implemented. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Martina Bruder also praises the communication of facts on sympathetic stringent way in its assessment and highlighting the symbiosis of image enhancing and creating trust through the campaign successful. The Allianz Versicherungs AG has one of the strongest brands in Germany Alliance with the brand. Under the sub-brand Alliance 24 ( distributes the Munich financial and insurance enterprises successfully, especially car insurance on the Internet since 2005 and secures thousands of new and satisfied customers each year.

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