Beach Club

There are differences in the equipment and size at this both Villa types. The Al Sahari villas provide even more privacy and are further apart. But even with the Al Khaimah already a generous distance computed villas. Anyway, one moves during the day with the buggy. When you need a transfer, a call at the reception. A few minutes later the driver and vehicle stands on its own doorstep. Only in the evening, one feels normally desire to explore the resort on foot.

It has become significantly cooler and pleasant temperatures. The whole way of the system are perfectly lit. Guide to individual stations (restaurants, Spa, boutique, falconry view) are clearly appropriate. One belonging to the resort “Moon bar”, a signature Thai restaurant named “Saffron”, the all day dining restaurant “Al Waha”. The reserve has an ultra-luxury spa and the “rain forest”, a health concept of superlatives, in the middle of the desert landscape. The system is unique and was not yet ready at the time.

Falcons, camels, Gazelles, Oryx antelope – “Wildlife” 5-star character. The unique dream hotel provides the perfect luxury holiday at the highest level. Even an experienced GlobeTrotter must reformulate its “have I seen it all attitude”. End August 2010 the in-house Beach Club, about a 25-minute drive from the desert away, is scheduled to open of course right on the beach. The combination is perfect. Beach and desert. In-house vehicles will be available for the transfer of the guests. Are warranted extra once which is completed with Beach Club. We work closely with the management of the luxury hotels. We are always informed about all news and progress of the reserve. Gladly we provide direct information and accept also bookings. About any summer of special specials we are happy to inform on request. pc/pc/pcat/574800 we have to create his own photo gallery with 30 photos. Detailed explanations and further information are available under each photo. Al Wadi for questions around the resort are intro to Banyan tree we always personally available. OLAF Fey Tel, 00971 50 843 09 70, for

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