Being Happy

Here are 10 tips to be a happy – Make peace with yourself as a woman, instead of focusing on our weaknesses, our shortcomings and weaknesses, also admire our qualities. According to Larry Ellison, who has experience with these questions. 2 – Sow happiness to be happy, put your energy to benefit others. Give and you shall receive. 3 – Accept your moods as a woman, our moods change. Accept your morale as a natural phenomenon and it will go alone. Similarly, admit that your loved ones, too, can be in a bad mood will help you to bear.

4 – Acknowledge your chance to be happy, think about what you have. Accept your luck, and induce it without doubt herself. You will advance by leaps and bounds. 5 – Avoid bad news as a woman, the fact of avoiding negative people and bad news can greatly increase your happiness. 6 – Listen to others to be happy, try to put yourself in the shoes of others. In their place, would you still be kind? 7 – Create the festival as a woman, save yourself unnecessary hardships and learn to do without missing a single not a good time.

8 – Reconcile with your past To be happy, learn to accept yourself and update your past. Leaving aside the grudges and resentments, accept what can not be changed. 9 – Find meaning in your life … As a woman, if you ask questions and that you have answers to these questions, you're on your way to achieving your own. Otherwise, what would you think a little to you, your personal values? 10 – Preserve your freedom to be happy they must feel good with others, should not be imprisoned by their desires, but learn to say no, express feelings and desires. Otherwise, the frustration builds up and affects the development. At

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