Yes, always the deepest are the impressions of such tours. You have the opportunity to celebrate not only, but also much of the city: see. The architecture of the city itself creates your festive mood. And on tours with your private guide, see and hear only that, what really interests you. It is also the best chance to attend such objectives normally not be visited on ordinary trips. Information for real lovers of art: museums in St. Petersburg are not as full as in the high season in winter, so you can learn wertfolle items best.

Also in the city environment, it is very much going on. The visit according to your wishes can be combined by the legendary Bernsteinzimmmer in the Catherine Palace with a troika ride, i.e. the romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the soft snow covered Park avenues. The main fireworks of the city held major celebrations on the eve on the Schlossplatz, where many locals and guests welcome the coming year. The Winter St. Petersburg is enlightened by all possible colors, what gives you an unforgettable sense of wonder and anticipation of everything best.

The most important attributes of celebration includes gorgeous Christmas trees are often to compare with the original artwork and complement the wonderful lighting majestic architectural monuments. These trees decorate the city until mid-January. ! And last but not least a winter trip to St. Petersburg still a Vorteil-there are hotel prices. Herself hotel rooms can cost 3 times more than in the winter months in June. What you should watch for at the end of December – beginning of January are the shortest days in St. Petersburg. The tours, where the sightseeing from the outside is intended (E.g. tours), are best to plan the time between 11 and 16: 00. We want to warmly wish you that next year you will be absolutely happy, unnabhangig of where you celebrate new year’s Eve. But if you spend your holiday in St. Petersburg, you are accompanied a long time by the feeling of happiness and enthusiasm to be. Svetlana your private German-speaking tour guide in St. Petersburg

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