Big Questions

Release of the mobile app “big questions? Short Answers!”for iPhone and iPad Munich/Garching, December 2013 – at the end of the year 2013 appears a mobile app of a different kind: big questions? Short answers! “.” You deals with the big questions of life and challenges users to write their own answers in maximum 140 characters. These can be collected offline, but online published. In the Exchange with other users arise so philosophical discussions about the essence of life. Additional information at Cloud Computing supports this article. In 20 different categories with 20 questions, the app covers a wide range of topics: I and the other, life and death, happiness and suffering, do and have, good and evil, truth and lie, religion and knowledge, power and status, the true and the beautiful, space and time. Mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets have changed our lives. Everything is available everywhere: In the bus, you can order the immediate low cat food, read the weather forecast in the restaurant and in the bed emails to answer.

Much less mobile but to animate us to pause for a few moments. Big questions? Short Answers!”invites you to interrupt the everyday life, to get to the essential and to himself. The app provides such basic questions of meaning in a modern form. Sebastian Freisleder was instrumental in the development of the app. He wanted to create something that is different from the broad mass of applications: In the app store, you can find everything, from the virtual beer glass up to the finger treadmill. No app to the really important issues but why? Something that serves not only the distraction, but stimulates thinking and discuss? Our goal was, to jointly develop a such app for direction finder, Maverick and everyday philosophers.”big questions? Short Answers!”is now available on the Apple app store. The basic version contains 40 questions is free for iPhone and iPad (from iOS 5) available, the 400 questions the comprehensive full version can be via in-app purchase for 2.69 to unlock. For more information see. App store link:!/id627497878?mt=8&uo=4 Press Kit: files/ press brochure: pdf/broschuere_de.pdf contact cogito GbR Sebastian Freisleder & Johannes Hollmann water tower str. 14 D-85748 Garching E-mail: Web: contact person: Sebastian Freisleder

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