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For each animal species are in the minimum requirements for housing, transport, food, climate and training accurately described. No other animal husbandry is controlled so regularly in Germany by the veterinary services as those in the circus. As another monitoring tool, the has now been introduced circus central register comes to fruition. The Association of German Zoo Directors has expressed recently and clearly on the side of the circus (wild) animals. Zoo and circus have the same goal, to bring the animals to people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. Thus a concern for animals is not least awakened, their natural living spaces more and more will be destroyed. So live today already more tiger in human care in zoos and circuses as in nature. And Africa elephants are killed in targeted, because the Habitat is no longer sufficient.

In the circus, animals thanks to years of care are proven to significantly older than in wild and free. Scientific studies find no evidence that you cannot guarantee the well-being of circus animals. Instead resulted in a scientific Investigation, which was given by the British Parliament in order that it not worse the element of even wild art in a well-run circus as their conspecifics in zoos, Safari parks or wild walking gene. Also in the Netherlands, a study was conducted only last year, also came to the conclusion that keeping circus animals not necessarily negatively affects their health. Corresponding bans are not an issue for the Government in the Netherlands. Scientific studies with circus animals, the environment at the circus can offer for body movement, stimulation and other types of occupational therapy important opportunities.

For this reason many zoos offer a jobs program, for example, their elephants, which is sometimes very similar to dressage in the circus. The fact that the more frequent transport of circus animals has no negative effects on their well-being is also scientifically proven. And also in Luxembourg, animal circus guest will continue to be. A few days ago, the Luxembourg Court of appeal has the decision of a subordinate court confirmed, as a result the city of Luxembourg is not entitled to ban circuses with animals. Contact: Society of the circus friends of e. V. Stefan Nolte Dalbergstrasse 2 67574 Osthofen Tel.: 06242/913205

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