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The growth of welfare of the citizens of the Russian Federation in recent years has led to the fact that buying a home abroad is no longer regarded as a privilege only for very rich people. Credit: baby clothes-2011. The global financial crisis further increased interest in overseas real estate, which began to be perceived as a means of preserving capital. The crisis has made its changes in the structure of demand for property abroad – potential customers began oriented to markets that offer relatively low-cost housing with good quality. One of these markets is the real estate market in Bulgaria. And in the first half of 2009 real estate in Bulgaria has remained the first choice one for the Russian foreign property buyers. Bulgaria attracts more than 30 percent of all potential buyers, the share of Montenegro drops 23 percent in Turkey – 16 percent.

Last place in the list are Spain and Britain – two percent. Residential and holiday properties in Bulgaria continues to attract investors because of the economic crisis, Bulgarian property developers have begun to offer interesting options payment and good discounts. In the third quarter of 2009, one can observe a variety of real estate prices in Bulgaria, which move in a broader framework of 400 euros per square meter to 1,200 euros per square meter. Slump in prices Bulgarian real estate has not happened, but nevertheless prices fell on average by 8-12 percent compared to prices in mid-2008. In some parts of Bulgaria the price fell to 20-22 percent.

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