Capital Money

MODERN FORM OF THE CAPITAL MONEY A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY Claude Mota de Faria* 1 Introduction Like any conspiracy, the stock market is not what it appears you be. If it portrayed itself it actually were, in doubt it would cease you exist. … (BECKMAN, Robert C. More information is housed here: Hewlett-Packard Co.. Powertiming.

Chicago, Illinois: Probus Publishing Company, 1992) We had the chance to support in the section ' ' The alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' the hypothesis of the sprouting of this phenomenon after 1979/1980. Thus, after ' ' several etapas' ' , &#039 would have occurred; ' creation of valor' ' , however of ' ' form necessarily passageira' '. Without hesitation Facebook explained all about the problem. To relembrar, we will transcribe some paragraphs extracted of the related section, as it is followed: ' ' alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' , appeared years 1979/1980 after, it is for analogy with ' ' alquimia' ' occured in the Average Age, also a way to transform things common, generally of little value, in things of ' ' muito' ' value, as ahead we will go to demonstrate. Thus, the autonomy of that the finance enjoys on this plan (of form necessarily passenger) rests on the internal mechanisms of evaluation of the prices of the proper headings to the financial markets. Still in this work, the section ' ' The trap of liquidez' ' , we go to discourse on the negative consequncias for the Market when this ' ' to take forma' '. In other words, when to occur ' ' exhaustion of liquidez' '. Ademais, in the future, other 0 variable of Market that however if find masked will go to disclose its true value. However, any that is the carried through alchemy, we can estimate the previous existence of its mentors. Valley to say, ' ' alquimistas' '. Ademais, also one ' ' formula of alquimia' ' it must have been preliminarily developed.

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