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Tips in the text letter with advice around to credible marketing book Autorin, marketing and text coach Mark Weinberger provides a powerful handwriting practice in the June issue of your newsletter of the text letter of all self-employed, consultants, coaches, trainers, creative and therapists. Their approach: the texts – whether it goes to an E-Mail or a large-scale site – are self-employed to inner clarity forced. At least if they want to appear authentic and integer. If they want to become your Word so. Clarity is also necessary, if prospects and customers should not misunderstand the offer of the self-employed. Gary Kelly may also support this cause. It is many difficult to write about your company and yourself. There’s the commandment of humility, each of which is more or less determined. Who wants to work been immodest and boast themselves to the skies? There is also the realization: If a self-employed do not believes and puts its assets in the right light, who should then do it? Many consultants, coaches, trainers, therapists, creative and other self-employed, providing complex services, give away valuable chances by them not motivating clearly enough texts and their marketing messages. Free newsletter about credible marketing can be ordered at and

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