The model can be anyone, but the goal always the same: to help the client find a solution. Coach during the session helps the client to make some qualitative changes. First of all, the problem is clear after its registration is converted into a completely specific task, which is now to be solved. Next, the client finds an effective solution to the problem, often this decision is absolutely not where it previously sought, but an entirely different plane. And, Finally, the client finds the need to solve this problem, resources and opportunities, which he previously had no idea. He fully accepts responsibility for the realization of solutions to life.

Moreover, the feeling in his new powers, realizing their potential, the client begins a much more positive attitude to all the problems encountered in life. In coaching, very much depends on whether the client is ready to work in coaching session. Actually, it affects the whole success of coaching. Coach can skillfully asking questions, but if the client is not willing to work in the process of coaching, the result will be minimal. Client work during the coaching session is to seek answers to questions a coach. But no formal responses, and those that are "out of depth and really reflect what the customer sees the situation. Of course, in the first session can be difficult to open and operate at full capacity. However, over time the customer realizes that the coach does not assess his actions and did not give any characteristics that a coach can trust.

Coach just asking questions and always remains on the client side. That's when you can talk about serious work. And the sooner it happens – the better. It is very important to give a sincere and clear answers to the questions a coach – after all, in fact, the customer is responsible himself. And from these responses depends largely on its future. In the process of coaching client is not only looking for the solution of the problem, he also learns. And it's not a coach provides training, namely the client learns himself in the coaching sessions. Learning to clearly and properly articulate their thoughts, positive attitude to what is happening and any issue seen as a vital task that he is quite capable to solve. Such an attitude to life effectively is in itself – this is no doubt. Therefore, coaching, usually gives double; effect: the first visible immediately as the result of a specific coaching session or a series of sessions. The second becomes visible some time later, when the client's life is a series of positive changes that are a consequence of its new attitude towards life, which was formed in the process of coaching. Coaching as a way professional help a person in identifying and addressing his or her life tasks has repeatedly proved its effectiveness. But this is, except Facebook is also a powerful tool for personal development rights, a means to improve personal effectiveness in a variety of areas, creating a positive attitude towards life.

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