Consular Documents

At the border may be required to present a return ticket with a closed date, as well as proof of availability of funds for the duration of stay (cash, traveler’s checks, credit card). For the independent visa, you must first visit the consulate / embassy where you will find the order of the procedures for obtaining visas, see the list of required documents and get the application form. Visa processing can take from several days to two or three weeks, in some consulates to pre-record for filing. In the period tourist season (winter – skiing in the summer – beach) turn to file documents in the embassy would be huge, so you need to take care of collecting all necessary documents and make an welcome to the consular section. Each embassy has a list of required documents to be submitted for a petition for a visa. Learn more at this site: Facebook.

However, despite this list of embassies visa section reserves the right to require additional information and documents. The basic list of necessary documents: passport (must be valid for at least 2-6 months after the expiry of the visa). If you still do not have passport, you can order the service for this service at travel agencies or tour operators, or try your own design, the visa application and photo (s) (note the requirement in photography – the size, number, color); certificate of employment (must be issued on letterhead and contain information about the position, salary, secure employment at the time of travel), financial guarantee (bank statement on state’s personal account, international credit card); tourist voucher or invitation from the organization or individual (must contain full name, date and travel pay, sometimes quite booking confirmation hotel) booking confirmation (and sometimes require the original ticket) health insurance (the insurance company must be accredited to the embassy), the consular fee. The existence of strong family ties, valuable property, well-paid work increases the chances of obtaining a visa. As a rule, the documents in the Ukrainian language must be translated into the language (s) of the destination country. Each country may have its specific additional requirements (eg fingerprinting). The easiest way to obtain visa – fly specialized companies. This method avoids the many problems and much saves time, but shall entail additional expenses.

Now there are quite a number of companies that offer visa support services. Many companies offer assistance in visa and passport at the professional level. The company will prepare all necessary documents and instruct on how to behave during the interview (if the embassy requires personal appearance for the submission documents). To avoid misunderstanding on the terms and guarantees a visa, you must carefully read the contract services.

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