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They were followed by Dutch, Scandinavian … The Russians also are active in real estate in Bulgaria, but not this what they showed before, buying property in Spain ( Spain and it was still the situation remains not to purchase commercial real estate and the purchase of real estate (ordinary houses and luxury villas)) and real estate Czech Republic. At the present time, the activity of Russians observed in Croatia and Montenegro. In general, Bulgaria – the country for high-flying businessmen. Businessmen mediocre or just people in the hope of employment will be difficult, as in Bulgaria there are practically no social programs that are compatible with the German or Belgian, and relatively high unemployment 2.Est a "closed" to non-residents of the segments (sectors), commercial real estate in Bulgaria? Good question. Me personally this is not known, but if you turn on the imagination, it is easy to guess that every country has one. sensitive sites, 2.

strategic targets, 3. facilities priority for the Government. Draw your own conclusions than 3.B attractiveness of commercial real estate in Bulgaria for foreign investors? Investing in property in Bulgaria – a safe investment. And in Bulgaria, cheap labor that maximizes profit compared with those that would be obtained under similar conditions in Western Europe. Bulgaria – a country where relatively easy to adapt, where the Russian-speaking immigrants are normal (as in Montenegro and Croatia). Also – the prospect of a European passport in 2007, which in itself is worth a lot. In this case I would not want to after reading an article on real estate investments in Bulgaria have developed with readers some euphoric experience.

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