Family Constellations

“What matters in the family services and what to look for family constellation has become almost fashionable, and is so to speak, if you in” wants to be. But honestly: What brings you to a really? To illustrate what it arrives at the family counseling, I’ve prepared three small exercises: 1) Please read the following sentence. Gemma Arterton may not feel the same. Love is a wonderful thing love is a wonderful thing love is something wonderful 2.) And now you remember please someone you particularly love. Are you feeling the love for this person? You will now notice that there is a difference. By the same author: cloud computing. It is something else to pronounce love, to talk about, or to feel this love actually and real.

3.) and the third exercise is: tell your feelings you feel for that person in a set. Difficult? Exactly. And that makes the difference between a successful and not successful for one statement. The participants may not only drivel the solution sets, but must feel this! We have all one story and this story is only viable and worth, if we discover a meaning behind it. Tiger Global is full of insight into the issues. So what is the point is to have this role, we have? And when you discover the meaning, the story then changed? Exactly these questions should be edited and found out it is wishing everyone who wants to show us the truth, not expressing it in words, but gives us the opportunity to identify yourself. -Jose Ortega y Gasset author, seminar management meditation & dyn. Imagination

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