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Production of this sphere of activity contributed 2.4% overall increase made “Production of fuel-energy minerals’ (index 101.0 percent). Read additional details here: Oracle. The scope of the “Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water” in October 2010, an index of 103.9% contributed to growth in industrial production of 6.9 percent. With the exception of seasonal and calendar components of the industry as a whole after a decline in June and July, in August, there has been a resumption of growth, and in September-October growth continued (September – 1.0% in October – 1.0 percent). In mining operations after the stabilization of production in May-June, July and August, a decline in September and October has begun reducing production growth (September – 0.5% in October – 1.2 per cent). In the production and electricity, gas and water after production growth in July-August, in September, growth has stabilized, and resumed in October (August – 0.3% in September – 0% in October – 0.4 per cent). In the area of “Manufacturing production “after the fall of production in June and July, in August, there has been a resumption of growth, and in September-October, continued recovery in output (August – 0.5% in September – 1.4% in October – 1.0 per cent). The acceleration in October (with the exception of the seasonally adjusted) was due to increased growth in activities associated with the investment sector: in the manufacture of machinery and equipment (an increase of 10.2% compared to September), manufacturing vehicles (5.0%), manufacture of electrical and optical equipment (4.1%), manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products (2.8%), as well as activities aimed at consumer demand: in the textile and clothing industry (6.1%) in the manufacture of leather, leather products and footwear (5.8%) in food products, beverages and tobacco (1.0 percent).

Decrease compared with the the September values occurred in the pulp and paper production, publishing and printing (-1.8%) in the production of coke, refined petroleum and nuclear materials (-1.0%), in chemical manufacturing (-2.1%), in steel production and manufacture of fabricated metal products (-0.7 percent). In general, since the beginning of the year, industrial production exceeded the level of the corresponding period last year to 8.6 percent. Sphere activity “Evaluation Services” in October 2010 remained unchanged. In October, marked a significant increase in investment activity. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, the investment in fixed assets compared to October 2009 increased by 10.7 percent. During the ten months of 2010, investment increased in comparison with the corresponding period last year to 4.7 percent. The third consecutive month the rise of investment with the exception of seasonal and calendar factors. In October compared to September 2010 the figure was 6.1%, which is the highest this year.

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