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Prices on easels company Ecodrevo meet production costs and product performance. You pay for quality, but do not overpay. Before you buy an easel, make sure that the timber High quality, pay attention to the finish. Easel should be made carefully, the tree should be smooth and free from knots. Trust your taste – should you like an easel. Easels company Ecodrevo this product the best quality, manufactured to high standards.

Materials are chosen very carefully: all products Ecodrevo made by hand from the European clean timber. Recently, apart from the direct application of easel, as a tool for the artist, he used both as a piece of furniture, a tool for presentation, distribution of posters and advertisements. For this purpose easels are perfect "Donatas," "Vlad" "Catherine" and others, to your taste. Souvenir desktop easels with pictures of your family decorate your bedroom or workspace. My favorite picture or photo of your travels on a small easel, "Inga" and "Julia" decorate the living room. The kitchen can be decorated with souvenir easel, on which it is convenient to fix the sheet with a recipe or menu for today. Easels Hotel & Cafe, Denis" are used to decorate the interior apartments, hotels and restaurants.

Except addition, the easel can be used as a compact and stylish coasters modern flat-screen TV. When purchasing an easel necessarily need to figure out where and how delivery products, and in what as I pay the extra costs. "Free Shipping" usually means that its price is already included in the easel, and, as a rule, higher than average. Easels company Ecodrevo delivered to the customer in disassembled form in package of easy disposition of the material – cardboard. In the package there are instructions for assembling the product. Buy an easel company Ecodrevo very simple: go to the website, select the appropriate directory in the easel and leave a request on easel with your phone number. You will be contacted and the manager will give you detailed advice.

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