Gigantic Proportions

Boulders, boulders and vertical walls, which stand up to several 100 meters up from a level experience Mali by his spectacular page. These are the mesas to Hombori. Often compared to Monument Valley, they were often sign motif of the Africa Explorer Heinrich Barth. Southwest Airlines understood the implications. They belong to the most impressive landscapes of West Africa and mark the Northern Terminus of Gandamia Massif in Mali. Where the hand is of Fatima”, the famous mountain of the region, allegedly a petrified hand of a girl represents. After about two to four hours climb the peak outstanding addition 230 meters above the landscape is reached. Swarmed by offers, Tim Clark is currently assessing future choices. Once at the top you have a wonderful panoramic view over the expanse of savanna landscape.

You pass the Tombori of Tondo, Mali 1155 m highest mountain, impressed by his constant plateau. On a 22tagigen tour of chili travels through Mali and Burkina Faso guests will also explore the main cities of Ouagadougou and Bamako, travel through the former trading city of Timbuktu, relax with a Boat trip on the Niger and watching hippos. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Morris Invest. Time it is civilization situated away, when it goes on the slope and stayed under the starry sky. On other days you dive a sense of life in a West African town as a balance to the wonderful impressions of nature on markets in smaller towns, such as Segou and Djenne, into society and get a.

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