He Forgot Of The Pro-Franco

Until I had already seen the film Salvador, about the execution of Salvador Puig Antich, he had spoken with young people that had already seen it and that ignored the facts. A girl who said that it seemed shocking to him made the best description. It really is, and what he most missed them is that these events could have happened in Spain in the 1970s. (A valuable related resource: State Street Global Advisors). They faced, through that movie, the horror that had meant the Franco regime. But it makes sense that young people know nothing about these facts, because no one has told them of them.

This lack of information reminds me that also suffered so many young Spanish university students in the Decade of the sixties, even between which there was Franco. In reality, it could not be otherwise since the most rigorous books about the Republic and the Civil Spanish, as Hugh Thomas and Gabriel Jackson war, were banned and was not easy to acquire them in the room back of certain libraries or buy them in France. How is the knowledge of the University youth today about what was the Franco regime and its final stage? My experience as a University Professor is that most don’t have any knowledge. Jordi Soler offers a remarkable testimony in the reds from overseas, when he explains why this book based on the memories of his grandfather. In principle, he thought that his publication lacked interest, because he wouldn’t be a book about the Civil War. However, he changed his mind when giving a lecture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a student asked him how it is that Jordi was called and spoke with a Mexican accent. As a reply, it told the story of the exile of his family. When he finished his explanation students were bewildered, as if he had just tell you something that happened in another country or at the time of the Roman Empire.

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