Intercultural Coaching: Business Success

Intercultural training, intercultural consulting and team development complete the offer. A personal individual advice is called intercultural coaching, aimed at people who work together with representatives of other cultures. Central element is a dialogue on the development of strategies for action, and also existing experiences are included, to optimize the result. The coach this occurs as structure employer and consultant. The task comes to the Coachee myself, to find specific recommendations according to his personality and his individual situation. So are constraining effects of DOS and Donts “off-Ratschlagen or business counselors.

That is important, because these often channel the perspective on the challenges and thus have a limiting influence on the perspectives, approaches and alternative courses of action. Therefore the Coachee itself, whose characteristics, his temperament and his professional and life experience in the process is at the heart of an intercultural coaching incorporated. His strengths and weaknesses are thus accordingly taken into consideration and used in relation to the problem environment. This approach results in decisive advantages. By taking into account the personality of the client, strategies become actionable alternatives, but as an essential element of the process, the neutrality of the coaches leads to new ideas. The client feels not only squeezed out by seeing his individual needs and challenges into account, he can also use fully its creativity for new approaches. Global cultures first choice for intercultural coaching the performance spectrum of global culTures includes a variety of offerings, ranging from the allgemeinen preparation training for kurzzeitige foreign sProjekte to the intercultural COAChing. Our COAchings are speziell on the anforderungen of technical and Leaders of internationaler UNTERNehmen and Konzerne zuGEschnitten, who have to deal with intercultural challenges both in their native profession, as well as projects or secondments from abroad.

Coaching focuses on the benefits for everyday business. To achieve this goal, we use experienced international COACHES, who have extensive experience of the free economy and are therefore artists familiar with the anforderungen experience the Coachee in everyday working life. Langjahrige erFAHrung is therefore a prerequisite with the jeweiligen destination and, as a coach with us to be used. Our horfunk are therefore entweder directly from the target region or can VORWeisen a Mehrjahrige berufliche the best practice. In addition, they have coach-trainer and consultant certification by internationally renowned organizations / institutions. AnPASsungs and integration processes are facilitated effectively by this holistic approach individuelle strategies for the challenges abroad specifically developed. This puts our clients in a position adequately to assess situations and the different options to choose from the right. This significantly increase their success rates in the business in and with foreign countries and avoid additional unnecessary high costs.

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