Investment: The Gold Bubble

A reversal of the trend suggests the correct products for hedging and yield to the gold price. The high price of gold has passed its zenith. Indicate the current market movements. Despite the announcement of the fed, fed to buy Treasuries, the gold price not rising. Rather suggests a renewed decline under the brand of 1,200 US dollars per fine ounce.

The price of gold also from technical chart point of view device this brand, falls under selling pressure. That is likely to catch many investors on the wrong foot. Because many of them have invested in gold products usually made of sheer security thinking in particular in recent months. The fear of the financial crash revived the old mantra of the gold as perfect safety investment. The Greece crisis led to a rapid surge of in gold purchases. Physical gold as small bars and coins were sometimes even sold out in Germany.

Most investors overlook her gold investment but, that most of the offered products not suited to asset security. Many financial products offer any security for gold investments. Many are in fact only suitable to achieve return on investment if the price of gold continues to rise. In addition, that only very few investors have a clear idea of what objectives to reach them with their gold investment. The selection of the appropriate products is particularly difficult. In the Fox report the gold bubble. The right products for hedging and yield”purposefully parses the gold market and its products. Fox report explains how you can speculate with gold to make return. It also shows which products with gold prices falling yield opportunities. “Readers of the Fox reports the gold bubble” also specifically know what financial products on gold are suitable for which strategic goals of asset protection up to the return. Stefan Ziermann resort Manager Publisher Fox letters the gold bubble

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