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“But we not least very familiar with the growing demands and needs of our customers, due to the very real sales.” Compared to 2009, when Windsor leather was introduced in the Ford Mondeo and Ford S-MAX models, demand for these leather outfits for the Ford Mondeo from 5.8 to 11.7 per cent and at the Ford S-MAX, from 7.1% to 12.4%. Convinced at first glance if offered a leather interior, that meets the high demands of for example the Ford focus buyer, you need the best qualities of leather leather quality. For this reason, Ford used selected leather products from well-known manufacturers like Boxmark, bridge of Weir, Eagle Ottawa, Mario Levi and Pasubio. Our Windsor leather is an exclusive and beautifully processed full leather, the Interior of a new Ford a unique quality feel and a refined ambience gives”, so Ruth Pauli. Like all other materials, which are used in Ford, also the used leather on its properties and its origin and is checked. Strict criteria are placed at, especially in regard to minimal environmental impact, fairness and sustainable resource extraction.

“A particularly good example of this is the bridge of Weir”, the nearly 10 million euros invested in the modernization of its plant, to produce electricity through the recycling of production waste on-site. Ford-Werke GmbH the Ford-Werke GmbH is a German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The company employs a total 29,000 employees and employees at offices in Cologne, Saarlouis and Genk/Belgium. Since the founding of the company in 1925 in Berlin, Ford has produced over 40 million vehicles in Germany and Belgium. For more information regarding Ford’s products, please visit. Contact: Isfrid hens Ford-Werke GmbH 0221/90-17518 Kerstin Matthes Hill & Knowlton 069-97362-74

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