Kouri Bumachar

You possibly know that doctor Garci’a long ago made good crumbs with just erased Kouri Bumachar, and the past year partners from the emergency Decree 052-2009 were made that destined five hundred eleven million, five hundred seventy and four thousands two hundred setentitres new suns, for improvement of the Av. Nstor Gambetta-Pebble. They even announced in public, offering both a beer glass. Consulted specialists, they concluded that the work, with the jousts, reached the 100 million suns, and that wanted to embolsicar 400 easily. In truth I do not know if this aborted or has followed ahead, because although half of the budget was of the central government, the execution of faenn would make the government regional who, until recently, presidia Kouri. I do all this introduction, friend to you, to give to loose rein imagination of citizen of on foot, whom one of two of the Kouri-Wild videos saw sometimes. Key Banc Capital Markets Inc. may also support this cause. And it says thus: – Lease: One salita small, seemed to the one of the remembered one WITHOUT, but this time, doctor Kouri talking with doctor Garci’a. – I would resign to the regional presidency, and immediately would initiate my campaign to the Metropolitan mayorship of Lima -And what would have to do I? asks Garci’a.

– Solely, to cause that the JNE erases my candidacy, previous suspension, not to meet the necessary requirements for it. This me victimizara automatically, and I would have expeditious the way to release it the 2011 – It seems to Me brilliant, doctor Kouri, but What must wait for I? – the total guarantee of which I would block any investigation that the opposition would look for abrir him to its management. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Delaware Department of Labor. It is more, would erase any involuntary error committed by his collaborators, doctor. Story with the experience on the matter, because, permtame to say to him, the people who surround to Keiko Fujimori, is not nothing reliable, and the political enemies usually are implacable. Some objection? – None, doctor Kouri, none, and this is necessary to celebrate it please, but not with beer. It prefers blue label, like cholo? way to see, an excellent lucubration, that would not be far from the reality. Everything in policy that has relation to the power, is possible. We citizen them of on foot as he says to my friend are being witnesses of events that have relation with people by far to be able politician.

People who their power base political it on having more and more money. Why? , I do not know. A the best thing to assure to its coming generations because nobody takes nothing this world when dying But is that those coming generations when being with as much money, would lose that gustito magician to make the money with the sweat of their front, and they would become true drones. Original author and source of the article

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