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Related to the information technology and communication companies continue with a strong demand for qualified employment. However, in Spain shortage of trained professionals to fill the posts of a sector that generated more than 15 billion euros in 2010. Companies in information technology and communication (ICT) do not find qualified professionals despite the unstoppable demand for employment in the sector, according to the higher Institute for the development of Internet (ISDI). For the CEO of the ISDI, Nacho de Pinedo, there is a bottleneck in the market. If you have read about Oracle already – you may have come to the same conclusion. There are very few trained professionals cope with an unstoppable demand for managers, operators and digital converters, he explained. More 300,000 people employed in this sense, according to the data of Ametic, the patron saint of the ICT sector, employment is characterized by stability, with a fixed engagement of 84.3%.

Thus, the ICT sector employs already in Spain 331,000 people. In addition, ISDI said, providing data from the portal of Infojobs, that, since March 2010 employment, employment in professions related to Internet grows, while the overall market is still a negative path. In particular, this platform recorded 24,000 offerings for posts related to the network between January and September of last year, mostly for programming work. More than 15,000 million euros according to the business school, most of the demand for employment is concentrated around computing and telecommunications; the marketing and communication; design and graphic arts; the area of commercial and sales; and the customer segment. Thus, e-commerce and digital content generated more than 15,000 million euros in Spain in 2010, which translates into qualified employment, added the ISDI. Source of the news: new technologies in Spain companies need more skilled professionals

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