Paulo Sergipe

that the wealth generated for them contributed to form some famous intellectuals and people in the sergipana society. FREIRE (1995) when analyzing century XIX, it evidences that with the decay of the sugar industry in Sergipe, the State passes for a bad face, with favorable conditions in the external market. With this, it says that, some producers of sugar cane start to develop other agricultural activities as, for example, the cotton plantation and giving has also detached to the cattle one that they start to be the new sources of profits in Sergipe. It was this that happened in Luzia Saint, the sugar plants had entered in decay for not obtaining to the same compete the mechanized level of industries that they had started to manufacture the sugar crystal better quality, already that, the majority of the devices mascavo produced the sugar that was darker. With and the owners of devices they had started to invest in the cattle one that it gave little work and it would have little with employees. In the century XIX, Sergipe it passes for a sugar crisis, therefore beyond its competitor to have innovated more the machines that were the Bahia, appeared others that had started to produce the sugar and not to need more to have that to buy of the State of Sergipe and nor of the Bahia that was So Paulo. Sergipe passed for this crisis for not having bought maquinrios new electric and more the vapor or manual, where these that had been cited delayed very in the process until arriving at the manufacture of the sugar and demanded much hand of workmanship, with this, lost much time, however would not generate more profit for the device owners, however they would have that to make an investment weighed to be able to modernize and to get due profits. She was in this impasse that you of device of Sergipe many had finished having that to close the plants and to fire its employees.

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