Plunet Translation Management System Published Interface To MemoQ 5

The perfect match for translation companies the new Plunet version features an advanced dynamic interface to memoQ Server 5.0. This means that Plunet has the most far-reaching integration of business and translation management system with memoQ. Complete memoQ translation projects easily with the Plunet memoQManager interface entirely from Plunet out create, control, and handle. The interface offers a workflow flexibility and user-friendly automation of various processes. Through the synchronization of both systems saves the project manager the time-consuming switching back and forth between Plunet memoQ and always parat has all project-related information and files.

The Plunet memoQManager interface supports an advanced filter import. This makes it possible to assign user-defined and nested filter directly in Plunet documents before passing them to memoQ. So, not to translate texts and characters already in Plunet can be filtered in advance. Translator and reviewer gives the smart Plunet Automation an immediate workload and saving time. The pre-filtering of complicated source texts makes the entire translation workflow more efficient. In the framework of the project creation project manager can predefine now in Plunet, whether memoQ desktop or server documents for translation projects should generate. This increases flexibility in translation management and supports the smooth handling of the job.

All project stakeholders do not always have a constant and fast Internet connection. Therefore, it can be quite reasonable if you can flexibly choose whether documents should be edited online or locally. The automated export of translated files from memoQ was also expanded. In addition to job-related documents in the output file format, now also bilingual formats such as Trados can be bilingual automatically export doc. Through intelligent workflow automation and control, Plunet thereby increasing the flexibility and interoperability in the entire translation process. In addition are also completely new functions in Plunet incorporated memoQManager. One of them is the pool job feature. This is particularly suited to companies that allow multiple in-house translators per language at the same time work on a project.

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