Prestigious Jobs

Entire adult life we are taught: first school, then the institute, then good job. Ok! With the first two points are clear. Learn, evolve – learning the light! It was during the course formed a human world, he learns reading and writing, develops the mind, perfect (!) learns why come into this world, trying to realize his destiny and to choose activities that he likes. This is the general picture. Well, if you select a deal 'on heart is obtained, but how often do we hear voices from all sides, you need to choose a prestigious profession. And what is prestigious? If you like to teach the children? The teaching profession.

Like, but on all sides say that the teacher – it is not prestigious and teachers in our state is not in price. Inner circle begins with might and main to advise: "Come as an accountant, lawyer, financier, marketer, etc. ' And the man who turns from his path, forcing silence inner voice is unloved by first learning and then work … Who among us would not want to live well? I will take the material side. Well – it's comfortable.

Comfortable – this is when you do not worry about where to get money. You sure tomorrow. This is when you do not care and are not afraid to raise prices or utilities, nor to its product basket, and that much important, you also choose the cart, based on their own desires. You can let go to the shop and choose the one thing that much. When there is a desire to buy a car, an apartment, you plan, install time, and clearly know that by this time you will have money. When it's time to learn your child, then the choice will depend on desires. Financial freedom – it's sweet and a mythical concept to many. Is it possible to achieve financial freedom, working by the seller, builder, nurse, teacher, in a word, working self-employed and not having a hairy paw into the structure of those in power? My opinion – no and no again. And when the time comes to go to retire? Many people are waiting with dread this moment for two reasons. First, it is feared poverty. Second, the lack of health. Shocking fact when it comes to the hospital a man of fifty, and he said: 'What do you want? Age. " What do we, the slogan 'The young always have the road, old people everywhere we honor', simply outlived its usefulness, no one way or Honor other people? And the honor will not be full. How sad, after working 40 years for 'country folk' is all the forgotten man? Pension … Although the current situation, let pensioners get a penny, but steadily, in contrast to working, but has not reached retirement age population. And if you have been offered to work not 40, and 4-5 years to materialize the very mythical word 'financial freedom'? Plus more to restore the shaken health? You would just not believe? This is not a game and not a magic wand. The system is called MLM. The project works online. Until the magic button it away, but to earn a decent living for themselves and their children completely real. Only for those who no longer wants to rely on the state and even more so for the employer. Learning business, order a product is not leaving the house. Income depends entirely on you. What should I do? First, simply sign up for my free newsletter on the website

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