Ralph Fiennes

I literally searched the Internet after articles with and over the Englishman, who strangely fascinated me, and where I no longer wanted to see how he could suffer even artistically. Some game seemed to me quite exaggerated, but possible, that This is so remarkable. Then those set by him, which was similar to: “there were once about…” Yes, what for? Scenes and events in movies, etc. As the slightly odd idea came to me: “then we write but specifically for the Ralph Fiennes (unfortunately he will not read just then but that, he may have to do too much, not true..)” some scenes, which he so does not know and will never meet. “Because what actor plays himself under his own name, to get then at some point with that…” So much to do so. So I first tried in German my story “to get rid”, was somehow not so read, as hoped by me. Why in English? No, not because it is his language, rather, because it is better – for me better! -experiment can be. And the little happened up medium-sized miracle: not only poetry, but also the stories of continuation of were read very well, that not only drives, it also encouraged if it leads not to new ideas. If you have read about Tomas Philipson already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

What want to read other authors? More excitement? Or more like in the book “Spider”, where little happens when we compare it to the film: inner world of a poor lunatic, stop: schizophrenic, different sounds, so technically…And I want to make love right there other readers, but not always, and should also not be. Admitted: it was not only thrown out set of actor, there were also those photos, I – become curious about him and his life – viewed from the Internet, saved and: Yes, he is aging but very unobtrusive, even if he is not constantly to see television. Poems that are controlled only by a topic may appear at some point uninteresting, so I wrote not different, but still just in German language. I tried (so I shortened the name of the man, whose working still interests me) in my story to imagine RF: how he so become older, just something that sure not will occur with him, passes, but if…? And: why should not even absurd things happen, it is and remains so a fantasy story? Anil Saklani

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