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The all-wheel drive has passed its first test in the deep snow. If there were always an emergency response, such as the folding shovel, a bag of gravel and salt as well as an old blanket and the obligatory tow rope in all other vehicles with which the ride in various snowboard and ski resorts was lined up, so these tools were used also without all-wheel drive in recent years hardly. But surely is sure a miracle cure won’t be an all-wheel drive, there are some reserves this drive and in certain situations also security. The editor of this article has 40 years of experience, is in possession of all categories of licence except the approval for the carriage and has vehicles by the MOFA until moved to the 40-ton semitrailer 2.8 million km so far accident-free and total approximately. All types of traction have shown these advantages or disadvantages and must be observed accordingly. But professionals know other instruments, a vehicle in all weather conditions except for the gas pedal safely master. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well. The editorial DUSTER”has attracted many curious glances over 1,750 km on the display in the on-board computer and runs not only in the Rhineland. This led to interesting discussions with vehicle owners who didn’t knew this manufacturer or type. If the fully configured to”final price for the luxury version Duster prestige 4 x 4 110 PS not in the entry prices referred to in current commercials from DACIA in the TV moves, so X is compared to off-road vehicles such as the BMW 5 3 0i, Freelander 2 TD Landrover discovery 4SE, 4 A / T 4WD 4WD always still air for an additional investment. Long-term experience with the Dacia DUSTER is grateful to the editors and publishes all objective reports on request also mt picture by owners of a Dacia 4WD. All drivers, whether commercial or private, man, woman, or novice, 2012 is a good and accident-free journey! More info on the Dacia Duster, caravans, mobile homes, pitches for the caravan or the winter storage for recreational vehicles at LKS Wolfgang Lorenz news

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