Sand Shoes

Better to choose a straight cut pants. The jacket should not be very short, the sleeves should not be 34. Buttons on the jacket should not be shiny and very catchy. If you choose to skirt suits, the skirt should be midi or just above the knee, but not shorter. In both cases, should be light shirt or blouse simple cut. J.D. Peterson has plenty of information regarding this issue.

That As for tights, they must not be black. And then, it will look too vulgar. Ladies, forget the stockings, flesh-colored tights should be fine. Shoes. Shoes should not be on high heels or stilettos. Better to choose black shoes, they come to any costume. On shoes should not be a large and bright jewelry (brooches, bows). And try to do without the railways naboek.

Shoes should be well-groomed. Makeup. It should not be evening, ie, not too bright. Forget red, carrot, purple and bright pink lipstick (lipstick instead of gloss can be used). Few select eyes, do not paint your lashes much, especially the lower (create an effect bruising under the eyes). Shadows, too, should not be bright and should be combined with lipstick. For example: you have selected Sand shadows, the lipstick should be beige or brown. The choice of color of foundation is very important too, do not use too dark tone, if you have fair skin. And no flies drawn – it is no longer fashionable. Hairdo. If you dye your hair, make sure you brush up before the interview hair color and haircut. There should be no loose hair.

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