Stone Illusion Conquer

Still illusion of speakers from the stone for the exterior stone offers the highest quality artificial rocks in Europe. This artificial rocks consists of purely mineral glass fibre reinforced concrete without any plastic additives. Therefore the surface as real rock feel. The team of stone takes the forms for their art rock illusion directly from nature. For example, a special compound have been applied on the cliffs in the Neanderthal.

These negative forms are then used for the production of art rock. Before the application of glass fiber concrete in these forms, is fed to the concrete pigment colors. The now coloured material is inserted into the form. This method of coloring later no color can flake off more, because the artificial rocks is dyed. This weather-resistant production of artificial rocks takes its use also in the novel stone speakers. The speaker of stone by stone illusion connect a perfect and very decorative stone look with a very high quality sound system. The music or voice playback is carried out in Marc Mohit illusion developed a manufacturing technique that is unique for production of boulders and rock walls of stone.

Therefore, the objects impress by their great stability at a surprisingly low weight – with a unique attention to detail in the appearance. The quality that was achieved, reflected in particular in the natural sharpness, with the edges, cracks, offsets, and the many traces of millennia long-acting erosion are visible and palpable worked out. The same applies to the fine nuances of colour indicated for example the structure of the rock of layer of. Original stone surfaces the same objects of stone illusion therefore as capable, because it’s most accurate casts of actual stone surfaces. Press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373

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