Taking Control Of Life

And others were not resolved but had left. So, one way or another no longer had the same concerns. Now they had others. In contrast, the second group appeared unchanged. Years pass and they are telling exactly the same anxieties. Or more precisely, the same but now accompanied by new ones. For much of his life, perhaps all his life, still at the same stage of problems.

Can in no way reach the edge of the swamp. Well worth the phenomenon to deepen it. The first thing we see is the kind of problem facing the group stagnated. They are to issues such psychological most of the time. Are engaged in operating changes on his mind. They want to calm their anxiety, change its character, be happier, and so on. In contrast, the first group are determined to solve practical problems.

That is, issues that may be decided on a more objective way. At first sight it seems that we have found an explanation. The second group does not go simply because they faced the most difficult problems. Modifications have been raised about his mental functions. This, we know is quite complicated. Because personality in a general sense is difficult to change. But there are details that we should not overlook. People facing mental issues are not also faces several obstacles. Sometimes the test they become epic win. But unlike the other group, they clearly recognize the nature of the problem. They make plans and take concrete decisions. Lead to the realization their ideas, act in a tangible and practical. They receive help from others. For, ultimately, highly visible results that can be classified as successes or failures. So the causes of the differences we should not seek to the problems. Rather, they are in people. And is that the human mind is prepared to act on the environment. Ready to change the world. However, it is almost completely incompetent to control itself. And when you try, you get counterproductive results. Let’s say the man is not designed to focus on himself. Is rather directed to act on practical issues. And it is on them which gets the most recognized and relevant results. It is in the productive and useful life activity where there is true fulfillment and happiness. It takes out his greatest hits and major personal growth. Each person takes a decision on why his role on Earth. Decided to invest his life in trying to control itself or is released and chooses to control the world.

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