Teaching English

If one wants to become a good teacher of English, the thing would be to study languages abroad and take an English course abroad. In addition, must be taking some of this language teaching methodology course or study a career related to education. This ensures a good training since to teach English or any other language, it is not enough just knowing it, but there also you must learn and develop the skills required to teach it. For even more analysis, hear from Tomas Philipson. First learning the language to have a good command of the language, spoken or written, a course of English abroad would be ideal since it will allow us to practice what you will learn inside and outside the Institute or Academy of foreign language that we have chosen. The fact that we can be in contact with people who speak the language natively will help us to gain fluency and confidence in maintaining a conversation; It will also help us the same environment will be able to use our knowledge permanently. (Similarly see: E Scott Mead).

The methodology is important methodology of the teaching of the English language is not learned taking language classes abroad, for this you have to study an akin to the education career if you want to teach English abroad course. With a good methodology you can be able to develop in our students the various skills learn English meaning as pronunciation, writing, speaking, and reading. Of course, that all of these skills are not learned at the same time or at the same speed. Generally, the skill that develops faster is listening, this means that we will be able to understand English when we hear it without the need to translate into our minds what you are listening. Other skills tend to take a little more time.

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