The Choice Of Tour Operators. (Reliability Of Information – A Pledge Of Good

But back to some time ago. After all, in order to leave is not turned into a nightmare, you need to organize it. Of course, deserve the attention of the recommendations of friends who have trusted their vacation a good travel agency and not regretted it. But if friends and do not mind getting advice, then you need to become a pioneer in this season. Here are a few simple rules to help you choose a reliable tour operator. Trust but verify First, you need to decide what services the company you want to use. The fact that the tourism business is travel agents and tour operators, and this is not the same thing.

So, we shall understand what is the difference between these concepts: Travel Agent an intermediary organizations, which sells tours, tour operators have already formed. That is, it acts as an intermediary between the tourists and tour operators for the commission. A tour operator directly engaged in the complete set of tours and the formation of a complex of services for tourists. Tour operator develops routes, negotiating with transport companies and tour desk, that is, provides operation of tours and monitors reception and tourist services on the route. But it would be misleading to think that buying directly from the tour operator's cheaper. It is not so, prices for all fixed. Even better buy in the agencies, because they can choose an operator with the best conditions. Second, do not be lazy to find out whether your chosen accredited travel agency.

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