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Making with that some situations are analyzed in multiple ways, for some citizens, giving inevitably the situations of divergence of points of view. According to employee the company does not invest in professional qualification, what she generates discomfort and desmotivao sufficiently, making that with this behavior of the company, she generates certain conflict between company/employee, believing that the limitations of resources have been harmful in all inside of the company, stops OF DREU; WEINGART (2002) for the fact of the resources to be limited, these are white of competition. The unamimity is difficult when it is distributed equitable, therefore who always exists finds that he is wronged. For the employee the strategy of the management to solve the conflicts has gotten success through monthly meetings to get the participation of all the employees, making with this, that the generated conflicts are decided of adequate form aiming at the side of all. According to MARRINER-TOMEY (1996), the detention of the interpersonal or organizacional problem and its articulation in simple terms are the first step for the resolution of the conflict.

The employee affirms that professional accomplishment of the company does not exist inside, with the used abilities for the managers, making with this, that the production diminishes of inadequate form, since the leadership does not import with the opinions and suggestions of the employees. According to PUTNAM (1997), for the resolution of the problem that generated the conflict all the solutions must be considered and weighed, as possible. Go to ViacomCBS for more information. All the intervening ones of the conflict must be felt free of being able to present its solutions, most strange and exactly unacceptable. FINAL CONSIDERAES Analyzing the results were verified, first, significant important of that the company is not imported with the opinions given for the employees, making that with this, the conflicts in generalized way exist. Professional, personal conflicts, between leader led, being thus, the company if does not become a good place to work, therefore she does not exist chance, innovation of ideas, development, chance of career there.

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