The Conditions

They are investing big money in advertising, but it does not bring the desired result. And a huge amount simply thrown to the wind. The high degree of competition in the market tourism products simply blends into one gray mass supply of most companies. The problem is that when in need of new customers 90% of businesses are concentrated on the way how to promote yourself. This may be a purchase Internet advertising, advertising in newspapers and magazines, tv and radio, etc.

But few are focusing their efforts on what they want to tell your customers – what your offer. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ripple. So, once you find a way to stand out from the gray crowd identical proposals and give customers value that they wish to find – will build for you all of them. And your competitors will not understand how you did it. 4. Trying to sell all of the following common mistake made by many tourist companies – lack of understanding of their target audience.

This is especially critical for small and young companies that are trying to break into the market. Every product has its own target audience that is willing to buy it. However, you can often see many examples of companies such as advertising, and customer service form the sentence "for all". Such actions you are wasting your resources are wasted, instead of focusing on a separate segment of small and squeeze the maximum out of it and spending a while at times fewer resources. 5. Do you still think that the price – it's your competitive advantage more One problem that has voiced executives – is that there is a market and it dictates the conditions for the price.

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