The Dairy Industry

For optimal accumulation of dairy products at the enterprises of dairy industry for a long time widely used vakuumvyparnye install 'Wiegand'. Control cabinets evaporation plant will reduce energy used to produce condensed products, reduce steam consumption and greatly facilitate the management of facilities. Optimization of process plant control 'Wiegand' improves its performance, increases time between successive washes, provides stable performance of condensed milk. All this makes it possible to obtain, in consequence, after drying, high-quality dry milk product with minimal resource-intensive. To take full advantage of the control cabinet requires an appropriate upgrade vacuum – the evaporation plant (IVU) in the part of the installation of additional measuring and regulating priborov.kompleks equipment: a case control densitometer dairy products, SPC-01 and three-way valve allows the possibility of the evaporation plant at the outlet of condensed milk with a stable density in automatic mode. Density of milk is set at the output of ivu after grocery pump.

Exit densitometer connected to the input of three-way valve. One of the outputs of this valve is connected to the second stage of steam traps ivu, and the second – with a capacity for finished milk. Select the desired settings for minimum and maximum density of thickened milk. Such as 1.19 and 1.20 g/cm3 respectively. Grocery pump pumps condensable product through a densitometer and the valve. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. With increasing density and achievement of its value 1.20 g/cm3 control box switches the valve and the flow of milk goes to the sink. By reducing the density to 1.19 g/cm3, a three-way switch box non-return valve and the milk flow is returned to evaporation. In containers ready for condensed milk, is a product with an average density of 1.195 g/cm3.

With manual control of vacuum plant is difficult to maintain an optimal level of the product in its evaporators and steam traps. As a result – loss of milk at its discharge into drains or the probability of the brewing tube evaporator. Installation of level sensors in the milk and steam traps frequency drive feed pump milk to avoid these troubles. The control cabinet measures the level of milk in packages ivu and controls variable speed drive pump, maintaining the level of milk at a given mark. In the process of condensing milk formed a sufficiently large amount of condensate. At most businesses, this condensate is discharged into the sewer. And this is from 2 to 8 m3 per hour, depending on the performance of evaporator installation. Condensate could be used in the boiler room repeatedly to produce steam. However, the trouble with the ivu is feared that the condensate gets milk protein. This condensate to boiler is not suitable. cabinet control with optional diverter valve installed and conductivity sensors on the condensate water will solve this problem. Cabinet measuring the parameters of the condensate and in the event of contamination, three-way switch valve on the discharge into the sewer. But if the condensate is clean – will send it to the boiler room. Saving resources is obvious.

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