The Law

More beyond than exercises that give him the performs them correctly, the time that devotes, (ten minutes a day), could never compete against more than sixteen hours doing the opposite, it is a question totally logic that will not be. To make the law of attraction work we must create what we want with our thoughts, that brings us to have to be able to control what we think, and for that you have to know, manage and set our mind. Now, without on the path we tread to achieve all this we dedicate 10 minutes to the law of attraction and during what subtraction of the day we forget everything, living, acting and thinking as we always did, we cannot expect great results. Nor is issue of go mad and walking all day with headphones listening to subliminal audio without speaking with anyone not to lose concentration, not, that no, but if you give the necessary place and many of you will be wondering, what is the time and place required that we must dedicate?, nobody better than yourselves to respond that doubt, because your you know yourself better than anyone to your around and sabaras costs you more or that you It is more easy to do. For example, in the beginning I programmed the alarm on my cell every two hours, when sounded I I remembered that I had to think positively automatically changed attitude with what I was doing or thinking, then were every three hours, each five, then three times a day, until you no longer need it. Think about it, because ultimately that is, thinking.

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