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The plastic is attached a poster containing the advertising image. It is manufactured using high quality large format printing on vinyl film with the addition of plasticizers with easily removable adhesive. Plastic base attached to a light aluminum frame with loops to secure the escalator arch. This design is lightweight, high strength. And thanks to the use of aluminum components and hollow porous plastic, it is travmobezopasnoy. Also add that the billboards are certified for placement on the slopes of the Moscow metro escalator.

Manufacturing time minimum circulation of this type of metro advertisement takes an average of 3 to 5 working days. The file itself is necessary to carry out a billboard must be coded on a scale of 1:1. A bitmap images should have a resolution 72-100 dpi, allowing to carry out a full-color large-format printing that would comply with standards of print advertising production. Effectiveness of advertising campaigns depends heavily on a harmonious way of a planned advertising product, which aims to convey information to consumers about products and services offered by your company. This function is very important because it not only increases sales, but also gives stability to your position in the market.

Convey information to consumers can also sound and subway ads. If your States has no design teams, boldly Refer all complex of works advertising agency, provided that it has features you need. Thus, a specialist in accordance with its wealth of experience designer to create for your company’s most viable option layout, to give you the opportunity to fully implement the planned project. Advertising in the Moscow metro, as a rule, produces technical personnel department in the range from 5 to 10 working days from the registration site placement station. Then, after the placement of these data are transmitted to the representative of the advertiser. Remember also that the total the time required from commencement of design development before the start of the campaign is 4-5 calendar weeks. So, if you decided to develop advertising campaigns, all necessary. Do not forget to be required for the time and were immediately drawn to the art.

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