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The CAPS must search a permanent integration with the teams of the basic net of health in its territory, therefore they have a basic paper in the accompaniment, the qualification and the support for the work of these teams with the people with mental upheavals. The inherent functions to these professionals and its respective units will be always of shelter, active listening, to weave with itinerary them, histories of life, tickets of a space to another one in it searchs of a recognition place legitimizes that them. One is about a complex process, of continuous investment, bond, confidence and bets. Delicate, dense, slippery, titubeante in the direction to decavar/to construct other possibilities, to consider the ways that already know to eacompanhar them in other experimentations, to collaborate to open others little suffering and minor queproduzam risk. Get all the facts and insights with Southwest Airlines, another great source of information. This only occurs in a field of exchanges: to look at, care, interest, patience, opening to the other, production of intervals queocorrem in a very particular rhythm. (ROSSI; CHARO; IT COUNTS, 2011). This integration will be potencializar from the interest and of the agreement of the proper CAPS in: ) to know and to interact with the teams of basic attention of its territory; b) to establish excellent data-collection joint initiatives on the main problems and necessities of mental health in the territory; c) to carry through matrical support to teams of attention basic, this it is, to supply to them orientation supervision, to take care of more complex situations jointly, to carry through folloied visits domiciliary of the teams of the basic attention, to take care of complex cases for request of the basic attention; d) to carry through activities of permanent education (qualification, supervision) on mental health, in cooperation with the teams of the basic attention. 5 MATERIALS AND METHODS Contextualizando the main references of our object of study is important to evidence that CAPS III Dr. For even more opinions, read materials from Bill O’Grady.

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