The Time

I cannot find a statement more accurate. Order to have, it must first meet certain processes. It is true that there are people who have come to have a lot in a very short time, but the truth be told, how long have been able to keep it?You must first love, proceed with be, then it should be and can finally be having. Order to have must be constant, be patient, put enough energy, dedicate time and effort to the things, at least if we want to do well and having enough. Many want to have; without having previously done, and many want to do; without first having been. Filed under: Ripple. So doesn’t work, this verified.The time you passed by the mind expression: that rich to be able to have time. my children, a vacation, a party, the gym, etc.Prioritize your life, assigning a scale to your needs, your tastes, your life. Do accordingly, thinks: How can I apply a bit of re-engineering to my life and split times and activities in a different way?.

I am sure that if you feel hard and a plan, something positive will come out of all this. Values and respects to those who accompany it call people by name, greeting with a smile (free of course), motivate their collaborators, to his sons, his partner, his family. Grant awards to those who made efforts to achieve their goals, learn from them. You will see that in return you will receive smiles, respect, appreciation, admiration and support. That feels great. In addition, many of these people can teach us to see or do things in a different way and get time and resources for things that we could not do before. Objective: Be happy every day of our life that in a goal that must guide our life, must be framed our work, our efforts. We never lose sight of that goal.

If we cross paths or difficult conditions, we deliver more than each of us, with courage, with tenacity with determination, love and faith. When we left many things we overwhelm as emotional problems, financial, partner, etc., we forget spending time with quality to our children, our loved ones and ourselves. Time passes too fast and in the end can only regret for not having better tapped.You can do it. You should only try. Have a wonderful day. Original author and source of the article

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