The Vein

Following these two conventional surgical methods, patients should run a lot and no longer sit or stand. Against postoperative discomfort, pain relievers may be necessary for those affected. Anti-clotting substances such as heparin administered in addition, to prevent a thrombosis after surgery, patients wear a bandage usually several days. This will be replaced after six to eight weeks by a compression stocking. Minimally invasive surgery for varicose veins after minimally invasive surgery the patient can remove approximately two hours after the procedure the Association. The day of the operation is a significant burden for those affected… No painkillers are used. Wear a compression stocking is needed mostly for 24 hours.

Heparin blood thinning injected approximately for three to five days. Small, superficial veins, the so-called spider veins varicose veins, uses laser therapy with a laser as the main treatment method. This is the laser It used to affect the vein by means of laser pulses from the inside. The strong laser pulse generated heat, making the blood vessel walls stick. The radio frequency therapy (VNUS ClosureFAST) radio wave therapy is laser therapy according to the effect of, only radio waves are used. The closing of the veins by means of radio waves is called VNUS closure method in medicine. This introduces a catheter into the diseased vein, which is heated by radio waves to 85 degrees at its end and glued the blood vessel walls. This procedure can be performed only if the patient has fully functional deep veins, which can guarantee the flow of blood back to the heart.

Bipolar radiofrequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) who want no surgery, which can by a radio frequency therapy according to the Celonmethode treat. This target thermally closes the diseased vein with radio frequency energy. The wall of the vein is on gentle kind of Interior on approximately 60 up 100 Degree heat. Due to the heat, the varicose vein is brought to closure. This principle is also called Thermo occlusion. The procedure is minimally invasive and is done as an outpatient under local anaesthesia and without any immobilization. Foam sclerotherapy are bonded by an injection of desolation means the varices here. In this respect, the desolation with foam is a more modern and more effective procedures. The remedy is foamed before surgery, causing the vein walls can be better bonded. Superheated steam method (SVS-steam vein sclerosis) when this treatment is pure water under high pressure and in a gaseous state. The steam is sent through a tiny, portable catheter into the diseased vein to occlude the vessel. The vein glue method uses a special tissue glue to seal of the vein vein adhesive. A catheter in the affected vein is pushed through a minimum puncture site, which injects the fabric glue. After twenty minutes, the vein is completely closed. Always a specially trained vein specialist in a specialist practice to the rate should be considered for a varicose vein surgery. There is more information about vein operations on the Internet. Are varicose veins has been surgically removed, so they do not develop. That does not however exclude, that elsewhere new varicose veins can form.

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