ThomasLloyd Group Strengthens Position

The Zurich-based global financial services and international asset managers ThomasLloyd expanding its investment banking business in the field of Cleantech. Cleantech, the abbreviation for clean technologies (also known as clean technologies), the claims of ecological and economic sustainability with an increased social responsibility awareness connects with the use of clean technologies. The basic idea of this fast-growing industry is through the use of novel procedures, products and services performance or productivity gains and increases in efficiency, reducing emissions and resource conservation to achieve. To bring the rising demand for goods and services with the finite supply of natural resources and the necessity of climate protection in line is to combine ecological and economical aspects of sustainability. Thus, the use of Cleantech joins eco-friendly sustainable economic growth. In the broadest sense, this corresponds to the Sustainability criteria, according to which more and more mutual funds invest globally. Where we are pioneers for many years for investments in this sector”, explains Klaus-Peter cherry, head of private wealth management at the Zurich-based ThomasLloyd group. Mutual funds, which invest, taking into account sustainability criteria, are in the trend for years.

This result is currently also the sustainable business Institute (SBI). Then the number of sustainable investing public funds in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland rose 2010 in the first quarter from 313 to 330. Eight funds with a volume of about 195 million euros have been republished alone 2010 in the first quarter, of which two shares – four mixing, a pension, and a so-called Microfinance Fund. We place highest value for years on a sustainable focus of our investments in particular in the field of Cleantech. Currently, ThomasLloyd advises one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bio-ethanol and bio-energy, so the conversion, for example, the British group Bronzeoak, of biomass into energy. Bronzeoak is invested in refineries in Indonesia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Mozambique and Viet Nam and want to open up to other countries. The conversion of biomass is one of the most lucrative sources to produce ecological energy.

This growth market offers extraordinary opportunities also for investors”, explains the ThomasLloyd founder and CEO Michael Sieg. In addition, ThomasLloyd at the hybrid sports car maker Fisker Automotive is invested. Fisker is considered groundbreaking in the automotive development with respect to its strategy. “So, the newspaper quoted the world” company founder Henrik Fisker: we have just over 50 employees at the headquarters in Irvine in California. ” Fisker, which was designer of well-known luxury sports cars such as the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8, wanted to avoid from the outset a high initial investment. Therefore, the entire production of the electric-powered sports car has been paged out karma. Already in the coming year, the first karma to change the streetscape. The company has so far private capital and government loans will receive more than $ 850 million. ThomasLloyd is active but also in other areas of clean technologies”. As one of the leading investment banks for mid-cap transactions in Europe and North America ThomasLloyd accompanied, for example, the world’s leading solar cell manufacturer of Q-cells in its last round of financing in Canada for a 20 MW project. More are to follow. Such transactions are a proof of our competence and the quality of our network. This also the investors from the sector participate in private wealth management”, so the ThomasLloyd CEO.

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