Understanding When To Reward And When To Scold Your Dog Dog

There are some issues to keep in mind when training a dog. There are different techniques for dog training. Some of these techniques are very useful, while others may have negative results. It is therefore natural to sometimes confused with many different opinions, and it is difficult to say what works best. The most common confusion people have is when to reward and when to reprimand the dog. If you are one who is confused, the following tips will help. A trainer will probably tell you that you must keep a positive attitude during training.

But in some situations must be severe. However, you must not scold your dog too frequently, as dogs always respond better to receive a positive behavior of their coach. So it is important to realize when to reward your dog. Your dog should get a reward every time you follow during the training process. If you feel you must reward him if he stays in the right place, if you think the place needs adequate, or do anything that was ordered. His reward should be something that he loves: words of affection, treats, a caress on your belly or a pat on his head. A positive training will make the learning process faster. What your dog wants is to please you, that is why it will respond better if all you show under this method.

But be careful not to reward when you disobey. The telling is something that should not be used unless necessary. You can challenge your dog if it jumps, barks, growls, pulls on his leash, destroys your needs or make the wrong place. However, do not scold him unless you discover just doing something wrong. Otherwise, you will not realize why you challenge. A quick and sharp a Oeno! a or a Mal Dog! a should suffice as a challenge. You must keep an angry tone, and sure be quick on your challenge. But if your criticisms are very consistent, your dog will start to ignore you. Never hit him, as this will only bring complications in the future. These are the points to keep in mind when you decide to reward or scold your dog. Do not forget that your dog is in the early training and try to do better. So be patient with him. If you are loving and understanding enough, your dog will be easy training, and everything will be a great experience for both! Discover all the secrets to train your dog with Dog Training in: Thanks and have a nice day! April Sanchez.

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