United Arab Republic

On Egypt, Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE), a state in the north-east Africa and the Sinai Peninsula in Asia (1.000.000 square meters. – Approx. 6% of the territory). Capital – Cairo. Religion – Islam. Currency – Egyptian pound. Add to your understanding with Oracle.

Map of Egypt Egypt Nature of North-east Africa. Egypt also belong to several small islands in the Gulf of Suez and Red Sea. Egypt in the north by the Mediterranean Sea in the east – the Red Sea. Bordered by Libya to the west, Sudan to the south, Israel to the north-east. From February 1958 to September 1961 was a member of the United Arab Republic (the federation with Syria). After leaving Syria out of the federation for 10 years kept the former name. The capital of Egypt Capital – Cairo – 6789 thousand, Alexandria – 3,328 thousand, Giza – 4,525 thousand, Port Said – 469 thousand, Suez – 411 thousand people (1996). The climate of Egypt's warm and dry.

The population of Egypt, Egypt's population, which numbered assessment of mid-2000 amounted to 68.36 million people, concentrated mainly in Nile Valley, its delta and along the Suez Canal. A minor part of it resides in the western desert oases, small mining towns of the eastern desert and along the banks of some bays in the Mediterranean. Egyptian language dialect of Arabic language (the majority of Egyptians in the cities can be easily explained in English). Egyptian Religion The official religion is Islam. About 10% of the population professes Christianity. Praznichnye and weekends Egypt, 1 January (New Year) February 22, 1925 April (liberation of the Sinai Peninsula in the October War in 1973), May 1 (Labor Day), June 18 (the anniversary of the withdrawal from Egypt, the British occupation troops), 23 July (Anniversary of 1952 Revolution city), September 23 (Day of victory over Israel in 1956) October 6 (the anniversary of the transition Suez Canal) October 24 (taking the Egyptian army in the Suez in 1973), 23 December (taking the Egyptian army of Port Said in 1956); day off – Fri.

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