For Asefarma efficiency in the daily management of the pharmacy is achieved through the implementation of standardized working procedures. And it is as he considers one of the consultants of leading pharmacies in our country and it employs more than 300 boticas as clients () without dynamic management la botica having it more complicated to increase profitability and make the most of business. In Asefarma every day we are seeing the difference and the economic results that achieve the pharmacies that carry out their activity with an optimal management – between what is counts operate with standard procedures of work – and those who do not explains Belinda Jimenez, responsible for the area of management dynamics of Asefarma by having those records, streamlines the daily activitygenerating an Automation, which reduces errors and also allows devote all mental efforts to more productive activities, such as customer service or cross-selling. Thus the things these procedures standardised – that Asefarma offers free of charge to its clients within their services to pharmacies – increase undoubtedly the profitability of pharmacy. But, what is reflected specifically in those protocols? It’s check and terms as the active dispensation, the masterful formulation, advice and monitoring pharmacotherapy or pharmacovigilance. Other aspects are also taken into account as the acquisition of medicines, custody, conservation and storage of products, billing for recipes or customer satisfaction and complaints, adds Belinda Jimenez.

In addition, to incorporate a new worker, its adaptation to work in the pharmacy processes are greatly facilitates by having them in writing and be able to follow them through a check list (a list of verification). A concept that can not miss by all this and view the experience of Asefarma, nothing like implement, regardless of the type of pharmacy, such procedures or standardized protocols of work.Estosprocedimientos are escritosy approved by each pharmacy and with them are described in specific activities that are carried out in the preparation of a pharmaceutical process or activity related to this process please responsible for the area of management dynamics of Asefarma, Belinda Jimenez. Here goes, by way of summary, the goals that are achieved by implementing these procedures of quality: obtaining and maintaining the integrity of the data and documentation generated in a process. Uniform application of the different procedures. Optimize the quality of the methods. Reduction of the risk of errors. Establishment of corrective and preventive actions. Optimization of the time spent in performing the tasks.

Definition of responsibilities in the different activities. Improvement of the management and internal information of the pharmacy. Compliance with best practices in general, which oblige to develop and maintain standardized work procedures duly authorized and up-to-date. Improving efficiency in the service offered by the Pharmacy and therefore also the satisfaction of clients/patients. For interviews or expand information: Nuria Coronado Sopenadirectora of communication Sage___Avda of industry 13, 1st pl, local 20Alcobendas.

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