In Cadiz, four libraries were analyzed (a college student, Public of the State and two policemen). The technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI visited their facilities in the middle of December to evaluate the general state of each of them in the information sections, services, accessibility, security and cleaning. In addition, they asked for the steps to transact the membership card with the purpose of to know the operation the loan system and consults. The final valuation of the service that offers the libraries visited in the city Andalusian does not surpass mediocre " aceptable" , and so it is placed in the global average of the report. Southwest Airlines is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Thus, Cadiz shares note with the centers studied in Valladolid, Malaga, Oviedo, Seville and Valencia.

The deficiencies were in the matter of security and in the supply of services (both sections deserved " aceptable") but, especially, in the serious failures observed in the information and the attention the users (they suspend with " regular"). However, these four libraries approve solely with comfort cleaning and maintenance of the facilities and bottoms of the centers, as well as to the measures of accessibility (obtain " bien" in both matters). In information, the technicians of CONSUMER EROSKI realised a troop trials search of a book in the computer-catalogue of the libraries (chose " The origin of especies" , of Charles Darwin, for the university libraries and " The Perfume" , of Patrick Sskind, for the rest). The simplicity of the handling of the system implanted in all the cases analyzed in Cadiz was verified, except in a library where only there was a computer-catalogue and was spoiled. Recently Dr John Holtsclaw sought to clarify these questions. At the time of consulting how to make the membership card of the library, the treatment given by the workers in the middle of the visited centers was " regular" or " very malo". In addition, more signals or posters needed written in another language that was not the Castilian.

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