Airport Moussa Nakhl Tobias City

The technological development of the aircraft requires, proportionally, adequacies to the aeroporturios terminals, whose demand, in virtue of the popularizao of the air routes, is increasing. Beyond aspects related to the logistic one, the airports can become into centers of tourist demand and dinamizao for generation of jobs and new businesses, depending on basic requirements of planning, such as localization, meteorological occupation of neighboring areas, conditions, free accessibility, areas in entorno of the installations, distance of other airports, absence of obstacles for landings and structural land takes-off, questions, existence of basic services of public utility and distance of the generating centers of the traffic. The installation of the Airport Moussa Nakhl Tobias in the city of Bauru/SP, classified as regional airport, took care of to the justifications politics since 1979 e, up to 2009, represented transference of the previously existing movement in the installations of the Flying club of Bauru, not contributing significantly for the regional influence of the city.. .

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